Kobayashi Tea House(Kobayashi Shoutouen Main Store)-The menu with authentic Matcha enriches.Matcha Teahouse ”Zongai”-

Teashop Kobayashi produces "Matcha Teahouse " where you can feel free to enjoy Matcha.



The method of ordering the most popular "Matcha & Japanese Sweets Set"

Get a wooden plate

Pay ¥500 and the staff will give you a wooden plate

Choose the tea bowl

Choose the tea bowl as you please 姫路こばやし茶店・抹茶喫茶存外の人気抹茶茶碗紹介

Leave the tea bowl

Hand over the tea bowl to the staff

Matcha and seasonal Japanese sweets

Staff will bring the fresh Matcha and seasonal Japanese sweets.

Enjoy the taste

Enjoy the taste of Matcha and Japanese sweets.

Relax and enjoy

Relax and enjoy yourself at the teahouse.


4 Japanese cake shops make the delicious sweets with utmost care. Enjoy the sweets with tasty Matcha.

姫路和菓子・杵屋(きねや) It's famous for "Sennensugi" and "Sara". Widely developed for Japanese sweets and western sweets
姫路和菓子・一不二(いちふじ) Ichifuji produces impressive Japanese sweets by the gentle touch and thoughtfulness of women, which are colorful and delicate
姫路和菓子・伊勢屋(いせや) The Japanese sweets shop produces "Tamatsubaki". "Tamatsubaki" is made for weddings, a purveyor to the Himeji Domain.
姫路和菓子・たちばなや The Japanese sweets shop is a purveyor to the tea ceremony instructors. Enjoy the Japanese sweets made by the craftsmanship of the owner.


There is an array of tea bowls which have been made throughout Japan. Enjoy a wonderful encounter with your favorite one.



"Rakuyaki" is a type of Japanese pottery, made for drinking Matcha. It is characterized by a distinctive feeling of earth and the shape is comfortable to the hand.



"Oribeyaki" is characterized by an intentionally distorted shape and a geometric design.

Iroe Ware


Beautifully shaped pottery is decorated with an Imperial Chrysanthemum emblem and a Chinese phoenix which has an auspicious meaning.