components & manufacturing process of matca

The Matcha which is colorful, and is high in a fragrance.
To the world of deep Matcha.
Matcha send healthy healing.
Wouldn't you like to know Japanese tea?

components & manufacturing process of matcha

how to drink matcha or japanese tea

We introduce manners of the tea carefully.

how to drink matcha or japanese tea

drink matcha

There is the menu which can enjoy Matcha willingly!

matcha teahouse ”Zongai”'s menu


Established in 1875

We have been devoted to green tea for 140 years. We are a long established tea shop in Himeji.
We provide the Japanese traditional taste of Matcha.
At our cafe, please feel free to enjoy Matcha and Japanese sweets.

Store information
kobayashi tea house(kobayashi shoutouen main store)'s map
kobayashi tea house(kobayashi shoutouen main store)'s telephone number
Address 66, Nikaimachi, Himeji-shi
Access From JR Himeji station, a 8-minute walk, north side of Yamatoyashiki
Business hours 10:00 ~ 18:30
Closed Every Tuesday
Parking lot None

Sanko department store's underground tea shop

Phone number 079-223-5370
Address Address 1, Minamicho, Himeji-shi
Access Sanyo train Himeji station getting off, Immediately,
In the basement first floor grocery store of Sanyo Department Store
Business hours 10:00 ~ 19:30

The tea ceremony center, Ichian

Phone number 079-266-6222
Address 2-3-6, Himeji-shi, Aoyama
Business hours 10:00 ~ 18:00
Closed Every Wednesday
Parking lot Exist(5 pieces)