Kobayashi Tea House(Kobayashi Shoutouen Main Store)-Components of Matca ,Pleasing Matcha, Manners-

Matcha is a kind of green tea. The tea leaves are ground by millstone.
It is a brilliant green color with a rich flavor and is especially traditional to Japanese taste.

matcha's components & effects

Powdered green tea introduction

What kind of taste Matcha?

After the bittersweet taste, a soft refreshing taste spreads in your mouth.

Components of Matcha

About the rich nutritional ingredients in Matcha, please observe the following.

Amino acid Fluorides
Flavor component. Activates the working of the cranial nerve. Prevents cavities.
Flavonoid / Minerals Vitamin A (beta-carotene)
Flavonoids prevent offensive breath and minerals increase metabolism. Gives moisture to the skin, strengthens the respiratory and digestive systems.
Vitamin C Vitamin E
Has the effect of freshening up, prevents the catching of colds and whitening. Prevents aging.
Vitamin B1 Vitamin B3
Converts sugar into energy. Promotes growth.
Catechin Caffeine
Regulation of intestinal function. Prevention of food poisoning.
Cancer prevention and prevents lifestyle related diseases.
Diuretic and refreshing effect.

Difference between Powdery green tea or Matcha

Powdery green tea is processed into powder which has been extracted from green tea extracts. Matcha is made from tea leaves which have been ground to pieces by millstone. Therefore, you get all the nutrition of the tea leaves.

Why is what there is the difference of the price in Matcha?

As flavor components and sweetness are better, the price of the tea leaves will be higher. Since each green tea is an original, you can find your favorite.

manufacturing process of matca

1.Green tea field

1.Green tea field

In order to increase sweetness, our tea is grown in the shade.



We carefully harvest the tea leaves by hand.

3.Steaming, Crumpling, Drying

3.Steaming, Crumpling, Drying

In order to stop fermentation, the harvested tea leaves are steamed. They are then crumpled while drying to increase flavor.

4.Cutting, Sorting

4.Cutting, Sorting

The tea leaves are cut with only part of the mesophyll taken out.



The tea leaves are finely ground by millstone. The process is complete!

how to prepare & how to drink delicious matcha

How to prepare Matcha

Tea utensils: Tea bowl, bamboo whisk, bamboo tea scoop.

Pour hot water into the tea bowl, hand it with both hands and warm it up. After it has warmed up, discard the water and wipe out.
Place 2 tea scoops of Matcha into the tea bowl.
Add 100~130cc hot water.
Dissolve Matcha in hot water. Whisk the Matcha and hot water slowly using the bamboo whisk, then whisk very briskly back and forth.
When a fine textured foam has developed, slowly and carefully lift the bamboo whisk from the bowl.

How to drink Matcha

Introducing the manner for drinking the Matcha.

Hold the tea bowl up by placing your right hand on the rim of the tea bowl and your left hand under the tea bowl. To show appreciation to the person who served you the Matcha, raise your tea bowl up a little and make a slight bow.
In order to avoid drinking from the front of the tea bowl, turn the tea bowl 2 times clockwise using your right hand.
Drink slowly, little by little.
After drinking, wipe the rim of the tea bowl. In order to appreciate the design of the tea bowl, turn the tea bowl 2 times counter-clockwise.

When should I eat the sweets?

When the sweets and tea are served together, you should eat the sweets first. It's impolite manners to eat and drink at the same time.

Why is it necessary to turn a bowl?

The front of the tea bowl is set down at your side. You need to avoid drinking from the front to show modesty. In order to do so, turn the tea bowl 2 times clockwise.

Why is it necessary to appreciate a bowl?

The tea bowl served to you is selected to welcome you. To appreciate the design of it please ask, "Where does this pottery come from?" It will make your host happy.

Utilizing method of matcha

Preservation method of Matcha

Preservation method of Matcha

Matcha spoils easily.

Matcha is sensitive to humidity and tends to absorb odors.
Therefore, store it in a closed container and keep it in a refrigerator.
Drink within 10days.

Matcha salt

  • matcha salt
  • Matcha salt

-Reduces the amount of salt
-Lends flavor to a dish!


  • (1)Prepare the leftover Matcha and salt.
  • (2)Just mix it!

Matcha pancake

  • Matcha pancake
  • Material

    [Material for a cake]
    -Left over Matcha
    -1 egg
    -140cc milk


  • (1)Mix together an egg, milk and HOT CAKE MIX. Lastly, mix in the Matcha.

    Matcha pancake
  • (2)Pour the dough into a heated pan. Allow to cook until golden on the bottom, then flip and cook on the opposite side until golden.

    Matcha pancake
  • (3)Serve with butter, dark molasses or soy flour according to your taste.

How to use Matcha "chayuka"


Easy Matcha Latte

  • (1)Place 2 g (1 pack) of powdered green tea in a large cup and mix well with 1 tbsp sugar

    (2)Heat 100 cc of milk in the range for 1 minute

    (3)Mix the milk of (2) little by little into (1)

    (4)When mixing well, transfer it to your favorite cup and finish it!

    (If you sprinkle cream for a while and then sprinkle a small amount of powdered green tea a little further, the taste gets more tasty)

  • Easy Matcha Latte

Matcha tiramisu

  • 【material】
    · Matcha 2g × 4P
    · Cream cheese 200g
    · Marshmallow 90g
    · 50ml of milk and 2 tablespoons
    · Castella 125g

  • Matcha tiramisu
  • (1)Put the marshmallow in a heat-resistant container, wrap it, and heat it for 30 seconds in the range (600 W)

    (2)(1) Mix with a whipper while adding 2 tablespoons of milk

    (3)(2) Add cream cheese, milk 50 ml, stir well with rubber belly

    (4)Put the sponge cake in the container and let the castella infuse the powdered green tea which was solved with a small amount of hot water

    (5)Place (3) on top of the sponge cake and wrap it and chill it in the refrigerator for over 2 hours

    (6)Coated on the surface sprinkled with 2P of powdered green tea. Completion by dusting the whole thing cleanly!

    (Even changing cream cheese to mascarpone, sponge cake to sponge cake is OK. Adding brandy will make it more taste for adults.)

Matcha for dumplings!

  • Matcha tiramisu
  • It is just sprinkling Matcha 1P on marketed rice cake and dumplings.
    Matcha’s astringent tits with sweet anko to further complement the sweetness.
    How is it different from usual way of tasting?

  • Matcha tiramisu